P2P Blocklists for Torrent Clients & More.

Get a username and password, put it in the url, like this. http://user:[email protected]/auth/pb-malicious.p2p

Those who say blocklists are ineffective should be ignored.

Name Description Download
Malicious The best modern data from all available, reliable sources. pb-malicious.p2p
Bogons Block unroutable return addresses by those attempting to mask their origins. pb-bogons.p2p
Tor Nodes Deny access to those attempting to hide their origin with TOR. pb-tornodes.p2p
Phishtank Block known and recently listed phishing hosts. pb-phishtank.p2p
Coppers Defend sensitive government networks from your crappy private network. pb-coppers.p2p
Snitches You should'nt pirate copyrighted material, but if you did. pb-snitches.p2p

For just $2.99 you can feed my children.